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What is financial mis-selling?

Nobody likes having the wool pulled over their eyes. Unfortunately, it’s surprisingly common for institutions to try to sell you financial products such as pensions or investments that either aren’t appropriate for you personally, or come with risks that you’re unaware of.

There are dozens of forms of financial mis-selling, so if you’re at all sceptical about any kind of product that you’ve been sold then fill out our quick form and one of our experts will analyse your claim, risk-free.

What we can help
you claim for

Share dealing

Stockbrokers and advisers are sometimes paid large commissions or sales incentives for selling investment products such as small cap stocks. Because of this, the financial advisor or broker may not always act in the consumer’s best interest. If you feel this could apply to you, get in touch.


CFDs are derivatives that allow investors to speculate on the value of an asset (such as shares or currency prices) without ever owning the commodity. CFDs are extremely risky, complex financial products that are often used to speculate on markets. If the risks of CFDs weren't made clear to you at the time, it's likely you can make a claim.

Final salary pensions

During the last two decades tens of thousands of people have been persuaded to transfer their valuable final salary pensions away from their current or former companies, and into often riskier personal pensions. If this describes your current situation then let us help you claim back your losses.

Financial scams

It's an unfortunate reality of our day to day lives that there are many forms of financial scams, especially in the digital age. If you're one of the many individuals that have fallen foul of a scam such as a purchase-related scam or as a result of someone impersonating someone else, we may be able to help.

Investment scams

Along with stocks, shares, CFDs and pensions, we're able to assist with any other claims you might have against any entity that misled you into making an investment. These could include forex trading, cryptocurrencies or binary options schemes. We're often able to recover funds for our clients even when they think or have been told that the loss is their fault.

Solar panels

Solar panels are commonly sold to people as a green investment that not only benefits the planet, but also gives the buyer a good return on their initial investment. If you paid for your panels on finance or by credit card and believe that you were misled about the benefits, you may be eligible for compensation.

Life insurance

When you're sold a life insurance policy, the provider has a duty of care to fully ensure that the plan that you purchase is right for you, and also that you are fully informed about how it works. When the insurer fails to do their due diligence, this is more often than not a good basis to make a claim against them.

Car finance

Car dealerships can sometimes go to great lengths to close a sale, and unfortunately in some cases this extends to the mis-selling of finance plans that aren't right for their customers. If you've taken out car finance that you're stuggling to afford, the payments are higher than expected or you feel the terms are unfair, you could have a claim.

APP scams

APP scams are also known as push payments. The scam commonly involves cybercriminals posing as an official or trusted person such as a solicitor or a friend, and convincing the victim to sent money to a bank account. We can help by holding your bank to account for when their security checks have failed, and claim compensation where this is the case.

How does
it work?

Here at Hemmings Howe we aim to take the hassle out of making a claim. Once you’ve requested a callback, one of our experts will get in touch with you to discuss your options and give you honest, upfront information about your potential claim.

You are not required to use the services of a regulated claims management company to pursue your claim as you have the possibility to present the claim yourself, for free, to the financial advisory company in question, the financial ombudsman or the financial services compensation scheme (FSCS).

If your claim is eligible, we’ll hand it over to one of our trusted partners who will submit your complaint and ensure that all of the necessary paperwork is completed. Our service is 100% risk free, and always will be.


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